Urgent measures actions for SMEs

Bilbao City Council, through Bilbao Ekintza and within the framework of the Bilbao Aurrera Plan, has launched urgent support actions for small and medium-sized enterprises in the context of the crisis caused by Covid-19.

In the context of the crisis caused by Covid-19 and within the framework of the Bilbao Aurrera Plan, Bilbao City Council, through the municipal company Bilbao Ekintza, has launched a series of actions to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the city.

Among other measures include the following:

  • Launch of a new specialised consultancy service aimed at SMEs and businesses in Bilbao, interested in learning about or going deeper into new digital areas, consumer and market trends; communication; security and internet; commercial and sales trends that have been consolidated in the current crisis and being able to identify opportunities.
  • Direct aid for the purchase of protection material against expenses derived from the security protocols against Covid-19 aimed at SMEs, micro-enterprises and the self-employed, with a total of 500,000 euros.
  • Tax incentives for companies with a whole range of reductions and rebates on taxes and duties.
  • 100% increase in the nominative subsidies granted to the Zonal Retail Associations of Bilbao, the aim of which is to promote extraordinary actions to boost commercial activity and to promote and stimulate consumption in the city's neighbourhoods, as well as to strengthen local associations.
  • Intermediation service to facilitate agreements in relation to the payment of rent for commercial premises and/or businesses that have been affected by the pandemic. The objective in this case is to facilitate mutually agreed, amicable and favourable agreements for both parties, with the aim of contributing to the continuity of the activity, excluding legal proceedings.
  • Direct aid of between €1,000, €1,250 and €1,500, depending on the number of workers in each company, to support the city's tourism sector, one of the sectors most affected by the covid-19 crisis.