Bilbao Ekintza, through the Area of Tourism, and in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, works to publicise the tourist destination of Bilbao Bizkaia in our source markets. It also seeks to capture visitors based on economic, social and environmental sustainability criteria in person and on-line.

Bilbao Bizkaia is a tourist destination with numerous options available to different publics from very different markets. Displaying this fact, which is included in the Bilbao Bizkaia Tourism Positioning Plan 2018-2025, nationally and internationally, is the main achievement of the department of Promotion of Bilbao Tourism.

The city of Bilbao and the Region of Bizkaia are presented to end consumers and tourism companies at different events including International Tourism Fairs, professional conferences, travel destination presentations and their own events. Close collaboration is sought with other public institutions with tourism promotion competences together with alliances with businesses from the sector including airlines, accommodation providers, tourist services and wholesalers. In addition, the department of Promotion is responsible for preparing the different publications about tourist products and the Guide for visitors to Bilbao Bizkaia “Bilbao Pocket”.

Lastly, digital promotion of the tourist destination is a key part of the strategy. Digital campaigns are developed together with extensive promotion, information and interaction via social networks with our users and newsletters addressed to consumers and professionals.