Turistech Bilbao

This is an initiative promoted by Bilbao Ekintza, in collaboration with Innolab Bilbao, aimed at encouraging the competitiveness of small- and medium-sized firms from the tourism sector through digital transformation. At the same time, it aims to identify technological applications and solutions to foster entrepreneurship and the development of new business models in the tourism sector.

Turistech Bilbao is an initiative which arose from a desire to respond to the needs of the tourism sector. Consequently, it has adapted its approach to the present local and global crisis, defining the following objectives:

  • To enhance the connection between tourism supply and demand to encourage local consumption, thus guaranteeing a safe experience of quality.
  • To facilitate and catalyse the digitalisation of the tourism company, offering information of value and advice, adapted to the requirements of the sector and its professionals.
  • To promote Open Innovation processes for the creation of new services, products and campaigns where technology is the key factor for their design, development and/or implementation.
  • To act as a meeting point for the different stakeholders from the tourism sector in the search for solutions and start-up of initiatives which, with technological support, provide an answer to challenges and needs for the activation of the tourism industry in Bilbao Bizkaia.