Support for the Competitiveness of the Retail

Bilbao Ekintza seeks to help improve the competitiveness of the small shops in the city through digitalisation, innovation in management and improvement of the customer experience.

Bilbao Ekintza seeks to act or influence the retail network of the city with respect to improving competitiveness mainly through:

  • A personalised consultancy service.
  • Support in the design of an itinerary to improve competitiveness.
  • The offer of training activities and courses linked to specific requirements identified by the team in a variety of areas: Commercial, management, new technologies, etc.
  • Promotion of innovation in the retail trade: This area includes the development of the initiative “Bilbao Innovative Retailers”, a laboratory of ideas to promote innovation hand in hand with retailers from the city.
  • Labour intermediation: We help the retail trade in the search for the best professionals

In addition, as a supplementary tool, we support the sector with the development of actions to boost trade. In this respect, we organise events or set up projects which help to attract customers to the shops around the city. Projects or initiatives such as Arteshop or Bilbao Gabonak are included in this area of work.

Digital tools for your business: Google My Business

In order to collaborate in the dissemination of the advantages offered by the use of digital tools in business and to facilitate their implementation, Bilbao Ekintza has developed a video tutorial that explains in detail the steps to use Google My Business, the Google platform aimed at Internet positioning of shops and businesses. Remember, open and manage your own Google My Business listing to generate notoriety, increase the visibility of your business and reach more potential customers.

How to use GMB