Strategic Projects

The Strategic Projects area focuses its activity on the design and coordination of projects that affect the sustainable and balanced growth strategy of the city and its inhabitants through public policies, and from a global perspective of socio-community development and economic promotion, especially in the most vulnerable neighbourhoods, through the connections established with the municipal areas and the social, economic and cultural agents that form part of the ecosystem of each area.

Strategic Project Description:


  • Social and Solidarity Economy Pole (Ekonopolo): is created with the aim of making the Social and Solidarity Economy part of a public policy that promotes it as a preferential option for economic-business development in Bilbao and the territory, built from the collaboration between the administration, universities, companies and civil society and promoted by the Bilbao City Council-Bilbao Ekintza-SSE Networks.
  • Singular Employment Plans and training and qualification programmes in different neighbourhoods of Bilbao: these projects have been developed since their inception in co-creation with training and social entities and different agents in the area, and in collaboration with Lanbide-Basque Employment Service through its reference offices. Various training itineraries are designed for the most vulnerable people and those at risk of exclusion in Bilbao.
  • Partnership agreements with strategic private actors for the neighbourhoods and their projects, which improve people's employability: the conditions of shops and businesses, the empowerment of entrepreneurs, the situation of migrants...
  • Collaboration agreements with local public agents for the development of different public policies: social clauses, reserved contracts, responsible public procurement, social inclusion systems, etc.
  • Coordination between public systems of social inclusion in Otxarkoaga, with the aim of ensuring collaboration between the different agents: Employment and Income Guarantee; Social Services; Education; Housing and Health (Primary Care and Mental Health) to improve and strengthen the various intervention processes in order to increase their efficiency and achieve better results in the socio-labour inclusion of people in situations of exclusion or greater vulnerability, within the IV Basque Inclusion Plan 2017-2021.