Promotion of the entrepreneurial culture

A dynamic society with a future, characterised as being in line with the entrepreneurial culture. This is why we set up and collaborate with different actions that help the general public to learn and assimilate basic concepts and values about entrepreneurship, including: creativity, innovation, team-working, problem-solving, etc.

Awareness of the business spirit and the generation of the entrepreneurial culture are essential ingredients for promoting and boosting the generation of wealth in Bilbao.

With this objective, we deploy different lines of work aimed at generating an entrepreneurial culture, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation by creating favourable environments for individuals with potential as entrepreneurs:

Promotion of the Entrepreneurial Culture in education

The educational community, on all its different levels, plays an essential role in creating the conditions required for encouraging the development of the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become an entrepreneur.

In this respect, the following projects are of note:

  • “Sortzearen Abentura” Project. An intervention project for secondary school students in years 3 and 4 which works on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Collaboration on the StartInnova Project, organised by El Correo. This project works with sixth form and vocational training students on entrepreneurial skills.
  • Collaboration agreement with UPV/EHU, the Zitek Programme at the Bizkaia Campus, and support for the creation of businesses in the university sector, it is responsible for designing, organising and running the different Seminars, Conferences, Competitions and Awards that complete the activities for the entrepreneurial culture.
  • Dissemination events on entrepreneurial culture at different training centres, aimed at raising awareness of entrepreneurship as a good work option.

Sortzearen Abentura 2023 - Aftermovie

Activities to promote the entrepreneurial culture in society

One way to promote the entrepreneurial culture is to generate spaces which highlight the figure of the individuals who have decided to start up a business initiative. This message reaches other individuals who, following the example of those who have already travelled this path with courage, dedication and decision, are able to consider following in their footsteps.

For this reason, every year we hold the “Gala Bilbao Emprende”, an event that recognises the newly-created businesses supported by Bilbao City Council through Bilbao Ekintza.

Support for Forums, events and meetings to raise awareness

Aware of our leading role in spreading the entrepreneurial culture, we are present at the different events, fairs and meetings related to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our environment. (Employment and Entrepreneurship Fair, University of Deusto, B-Venture, etc.)