Business networking

Throughout the year, Bilbao Ekintza organises awareness workshops and seminars adapted to the requirements of the SME from Bilbao. At present these are particularly focussed on overcoming the changes and challenges posed by Covid-19.

Throughout the year, Bilbao Ekintza organises awareness seminars on topics of current issue to the business, related to the areas of management, improvement of competitiveness and innovation: The challenges posed by Covid-19 and the changes which are here to stay, analysis of business figures, the definition of a commercial strategy, the challenge of managing digitalisation in SMEs or the growing value of the social impact of the business.

It also organises longer workshops in those areas where, as a result of close relations with the businesses, specific needs are identified: Generation of value in the business, innovation, storytelling, commercial negotiation, communication, etc.

At present, and in line with the spirit of proximity to the current reality of the businesses, these events have been transferred to the digital space, and the topics adapted to the context of the post-Covid crisis, the changes which are here to stay and the strategies and tools required to deal with the situation as best as possible.