Zorrotzaurre: the Isle of Bilbao

Zorrotzaurre is a regeneration project which will transform a former industrial peninsula into a dynamic and innovative island. A Master Plan designed by the renowned Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, covering more than 800,000 m2, generating new and vibrant spaces for coexistence, creation, leisure and business.

The island lies in the very centre of Bilbao, connected to the rest of the city by means of mobile bridges and walkways and with rapid access to the future high-speed train station and the airport.

Complying with the main criteria of sustainability, the future isle of Bilbao will become a new and avant-garde district of the city; with excellent connections, it will offer housing, commercial premises, social and cultural facilities, and large spaces for leisure activities to its inhabitants and to the other residents in the city.

  • A sustainable island: The isle of Zorrotzaurre will be an island committed to sustainability and environmental conservation, where the preservation of the surrounding area becomes essential and a differentiating factor.
  • An innovative island: Bilbao hopes to attract numerous local and international businesses and investment to Zorrotzaurre.  It represents a firm commitment to the concentration and promotion of business and entrepreneurial activities in strategic sectors with the aim of becoming a reference for knowledge and business.
  • An island of knowledge: With the goal of becoming a reference in the higher education sector, Bilbao has developed a complete ecosystem of knowledge, bringing together and inviting public and private universities and higher education centres at local and international level to develop their educational projects in Zorrotzaurre.