Labour intermediation

Bilbao Ekintza acts as a collaboration agency serving for Lanbide, the Basque Employment Service, and in an independent way, offering support to businesses in the search for talent to join their organisations.

The intermediation service helps businesses to find suitable workers to meet their needs, while also assisting with the creation of jobs in Bilbao.

To request applicants for a job, the business must provide as much detail as possible regarding the post, the working conditions and the essential and desirable qualifications required by the person to be employed.

Based on this information, Bilbao Ekintza, with the support of Lanbide resources, looks for applicants. After matching the CVs with the job requirements, it sends these to the business for them to select a candidate.

In addition, Bilbao Ekintza is certified as a private Employee Agency. That is to say, we devote our work offerings in an independent way. Through this new service, we manage our data through profiles of participants who have participated in the Employment Plan or projects promoted by the organization, with complete permission from them. By this way, companies can be given more meaningful and personalized information because we know people better.