Support for improving SME competitiveness

Bilbao Ekintza helps small and medium businesses from Bilbao to improve their competitiveness, offering a range of personalised consultancy and training services, adapted to their requirements. These services, open to every sort of business, nevertheless seek to prioritise the promotion of business projects linked to the Digital Economy, Advanced Services, Cultural and Creative Industries and Tourism.

Training and consultancy for businesses

Bilbao Ekintza contributes to improving the competitiveness of small and medium businesses by offering a personalised consultancy and training service aimed at improving management.

As part of the training programme, we organise business awareness seminars and longer workshops, on issues of current interest in the economic-financial, marketing-commercial, innovation, technology and human resources areas, addressing the needs of the businesses themselves, the result of a close relation and knowledge of the reality that characterises us.

At the same time, we offer advice and train entrepreneurs and managers of organisations to help them take strategic decisions in a variety of situations. These include the launch of a new business line or product, the digitalisation of services or the definition of the commercial strategy in foreign markets. We also offer guidance to businesses facing different challenges. These may include a fall in the demand for their products, the need to cut back on a major expense, the refinancing of the business or even addressing an urgent restructuring process.

Naturally, the full range of services has been adapted to the current crisis linked to Covid-19. Firm support is offered to businesses in this difficult climate with specific and specialised programmes which help them understand the new reality, and the changes which have been established in these circumstances or which are now here to stay.