Auzo Factorys

The Auzo Factory network is formed of spaces located in urban environments, prepared to offer business projects and newly-created businesses spaces for coworking, closed modules and common spaces with the aim of providing support during their start-up and consolidation for a set period of time.

The objective of the Auzo Factory network is twofold:
  • To promote new infrastructures with a mixture of uses and users, combining the promotion of socio-cultural and community activities with business actions.
  • To consolidate spaces of reference for creativity and co-existence among the general public, associations, stakeholders, entrepreneurs and businesses, focussing action on the most strategic sectors for the city.
  • Entrepreneurs and business projects prior to their establishment as a business.
  • Established businesses under 3 years old.

La Cantera

This has modules and a space for coworking. It is intended for projects and newly-created companies principally in the leisure and culture industry and the business service sector.


Coworking space aimed at innovative projects mainly in the digital content sector.


A coworking space aimed at entrepreneurial projects in the digital sector, focussing mainly on B2B business models.

Rekalde - Innolab Bilbao

This is a platform of innovation which connects businesses and technology in the search for digital solutions to business and social challenges. As with the other centres in the Auzo Factory network, it offers work spaces to business projects.