Bilbao Gazteak Sortzen

This is a framework project, a strategy which seeks to improve the employability of young unemployed people from Bilbao, with intermediate or higher education.

“Bilbao Gazteak Sortzen” aims to promote employment and economic activity in Bilbao, making the labour market more accessible for young people by matching their professional profiles and skills with company requirements, helping companies to fulfil their needs in the mid- to long-term, and jointly addressing the search for alternatives.

As part of this strategy, the measures to be developed are identified every year. These revolve around three main lines:

  • Motivation, interests and empowerment: Two measures are currently included in this area: Bizilabe Bilbao and Zientzia Azoka.
  • Improvement of transversal competences and skills: Work is taking place with a number of initiatives along this line: Bilbao Berraktibatzen, Fórmula Student and Moto Student.
  • Competences in the job: This area includes measures such as Eurocip VII and the Bilbao City Council Employment Plan.