Digital training

Bilbao Ekintza offers this programme to retailers who are starting out or already working in the digital world, and who wish to make the most of it, by offering them tools so that they can assess and improve their performance and profitability.

The Digital Training programme is directed at managers of retail establishments an SMEs in Bilbao, interested in the digitalisation of their business. It seeks to reinforce and strengthen the training of the local retail sector in Bilbao in this area.

The objectives focus on the following areas:
  • Programme design. After identifying the needs of each participating retailer, the design of the programme includes practical sessions with the participants focussing on Social Media, Digital Marketing and e-commerce according to the needs detected in each of the retail establishments.
  • Management of digital resources adapted to the reality of the local shop and the main areas of interest, differentiating between the different subsectors existing and adjusting the selection of resources necessary to obtain the required results.
  • Measurement of results. The results obtained by each of the participating retailers are assessed according to the needs detected and the objectives defined.
  • Design of content and promotional strategies adapted to each participating retailer. The aim is to train the retailers in the management of their own digital promotions and content, as well as customer loyalty instruments.
  • Digital marketing tools associated with the retail sector. The retail sector is offered training in the use of the different digital marketing tools available on the market, selecting those which offer them the greatest value and are the most suitable for their area of influence.
  • Creation of an open learning and participatory community where innovative national and international content is shared in order to adapt it to the reality of our retailers and to enrich the coexistence and identity of the retailers belonging to the community.
  • Sharing good practices and content created by the community, generating a synergy which permits the use of the digital resources learnt in the programme to be increased, together with new resources which are added to the market with the support of the community.