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Bilbao Ekintza

Bilbao Ekintza develops the municipal powers in the field of economic development, promotion of Bilbao and its events as a tourist destination and business promotion, both from the point of view of the attraction, creation and growth of companies and the improvement of opportunities for access to employment.

About us
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1055 Companies created since 2017 through Entrepreneurship Center

  • EMPLOYMENT 1393 Jobs generated within the Bilbao Employment Plan 2017-2023

Juan Mari Aburto, Mayor of Bilbao

“The support for the creation of new companies and the improvement of existing businesses is a fundamental axis for Bilbao City Council, through the municipal company Bilbao Ekintza. Furthermore, in the current unfavourable economic climate, we have reinforced our commitment to the most affected sectors, such as, small local businesses, hotels and restaurants, tourism and cultural and creative industries, within the framework of the launch of the Bilbao Aurrera Plan.”


Bilbao Retail Strategy 2025

The Bilbao City Council, through Bilbao Ekintza and with the active participation of the city’s commercial sector, several municipal areas as well as the political parties represented in the Consistory, has developed and launched the “Bilbao Retail Strategy 2025”.

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Support for improving SME competitiveness

BBilbao Ekintza helps small and medium businesses from Bilbao to improve their competitiveness, offering a range of personalised consultancy and training services, adapted to their requirements.

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Improvement of Employability

Bilbao Ekintza develops plans and projects directed at improving the employability of young people and the unemployed in order to facilitate and contribute to their inclusion in the labour market.

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Discover the Entrepreneurship Center

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? At Bilbao Ekintza we will help you to answer the questions that arise along the way. A place for meeting, interaction and collaboration among entrepreneurs. A versatile space which adapts to the needs of your project, with an expert team who will answer all your questions.

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Strategic sectors

We are committed to the Smart Specialization of Bilbao