Smart Specialisation

At Bilbao Ekintza we promote the economic development of the city, specifically supporting certain emerging sectors, as part of the smart specialisation strategy. In this respect, we support, design and run specific support programmes, while also facilitating innovative process that position Bilbao as a reference in each area.

Bilbao Ekintza, through the Smart Specialisation Area, has defined four strategic sectors for developing specific support services and programmes. These are as follows:

Specialised support services

The services or lines of work included in this area are as follows:

  • Actions intended to promote innovation and improve competitiveness in the strategic sectors of Bilbao.
  • Support for developers of business projects and startups wishing to set up or develop their activity in Bilbao in the area of the strategic sectors.
  • Conduct and support activities and events of interest to the city which contribute to its revitalisation and growth or to improving its competitiveness.
  • Active participation in projects financed by European funds which are linked to one of the strategic sectors in order to promote this sector in the city, and to encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge.
  • To offer and manage infrastructures for the support and incubation of projects in these sectors to facilitate their growth. In this respect, the Ensanche Building, located in the heart of the city, together with the Auzo Factories, innovation nodes set up in the different districts, are the launching point for this line of work.
  • To promote the Bilbao Bizkaia Design Council (BiDC): An initiative set up by Bilbao City Council, through Bilbao Ekintza, and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia for promoting creative industries as a factor of economic development and international projection.