Cultural and creative industries

What are the Cultural and Creative Industries and how does Bilbao support this strategic sector for the city? We will tell you more at BIG Bilbao.

The cultural and creative industries sector has been included in the Basque strategy of smart specialisation as a territory of opportunity thanks to its huge potential for economic development, employment, innovation and for advancing in social creativity and social cohesion.

This sector is not only accorded priority in the Strategy of Innovation and Smart Specialisation of Bilbao, but culture has played and continues to play an essential role as a driving force of economic activity and social transformation in Bilbao.

Since the 90s, when Bilbao embarked on its major economic and urban transformation, culture (the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum being the most visible symbol) has been a constant key factor in the Strategy led by the City Council to achieve economic development, job creation and social cohesion in the city.