Big Bilbao – Ensanche Building

BIG Bilbao is the Bilbao Ekintza Centre of Entrepreneurship. An open space, located in the Ensanche Building, open continuously all day, which aims to become a reference for entrepreneurship in the city.

BIG Bilbao is a meeting point for interaction and networking among entrepreneurs, ongoing projects and businesses. It is also a versatile space for offering training in entrepreneurial skills, and can also be used as place for demonstrations, innovation and trends.

BIG Bilbao is part of the network of municipal centres dedicated to the creation of economic activity and employment, and acts as a starting point for access to the network of Auzofactory Centres, located in Rekalde, Plaza de la Cantera, Matiko and Boluetaberri. These centres will soon be joined by the As Fabrik project in Zorrotzaurre, which will act as the epicentre for all the stakeholders related to the technology and specialisation required by the Industry 4.0.