EHUN: Life-long and lifelong stores


This distinction, as mentioned above, is part of the project "EHUN: Betiko dendak betirako - Comercios de toda la vida y para toda la vida" (EHUN: Betiko dendak betirako - Long-standing stores for life), which aims to offer specialized advice to these businesses with a long history for their adaptation to new sales models with the objective of prolonging their trajectory in the town. A work in which we also want to contribute to its promotion as a tourist image of the city.

Within this program, and after an individual diagnosis of the situation of each business, specialized advice is being provided on matters of improvement such as marketing, legal and financial areas or human resources, among others.

Centenary businesses are those that have been in business for more than 90 years (even if they have changed their location), are family businesses that have been passed on to subsequent generations or employees, and have maintained the type of product on sale and the way they work.

Pharmacies, food, tobacconists, lottery businesses, fashion... are part of this historical list which now includes 62 centenary stores in Bilbao.