“Bilbao Digital Entrepreneurship” Competition

One objective of the municipal entity Bilbao Ekintza, responsible for the economic promotion of the city, is to promote the attraction, creation and growth of companies able to generate jobs and wealth in the city. 

In this area, Bilbao Ekintza considers that one of the strategic sectors to consider is that of the digital economy. Bilbao City Council promotes this area by setting up a number of projects which contribute to the economic development and projection of the city.

Along these lines, with the aim of continuing to promote this sector in the city, and to offer development pathways and specialised support for projects in this area, Bilbao Ekintza has organised a specific support programme known as the “Digital Entrepreneur Competition”.

This means that the business projects are developed in a suitable manner and environment from the start until they reach a degree of maturity that will allow them to go out to the market with sufficient skills and knowledge to survive in a competitive environment.

III. “Bilbao Digital Entrepreneurship” Competition

The deadline to participate in the third edition of the competition is currently open until 1 November.

This initiative is open to entrepreneurs who present projects for a new start-up in Bilbao, those who have already launched a start-up less than a year ago, or individuals or legal entities with a new intra-entrepreneurship project linked to the digital field to be developed in the city.

The competition is endowed with three financial prizes of 6,000, 4,000 and 2,000 euros, respectively, as well as training and advice in the technological and digital field for all the initiatives that enter the competition.

Interested persons should submit their applications via the following e-mail address big@bilbaoekintza.bilbao.eus. Applications can also be submitted at the BIG Bilbao Entrepreneurship Centre, in the Ensanche Building, located at Plaza del Ensanche, 11, from 9:00 to 13:00. The deadline for applications is 1 November.