Bilbao Zurekin Service

The aim of this new initiative, which is aimed at 300 businesses in Bilbao, is to help them increase their sales and increase and strengthen the loyalty of their clientele, thanks to better management of digital tools and databases.

To do so, they must register on the website of the municipal company Bilbao Ekintza at

The Bilbao City Council offers a new service aimed at 300 stores and restaurants in the city with the main objective of helping them to increase their sales, give them greater visibility in the market and strengthen the loyalty of its customers through a professional messaging tool.

This initiative is carried out through its municipal company Bilbao Ekintza, within the various actions that have been activated to support the commercial sector of the Villa, one of the hardest hit by the pandemic in a period in which it has had to intensify the use of new technologies.

As part of this action plan, the Consistory conducted in 2021 a study of trade in the city, which revealed that "only 38% had a database of its clientele and that, of those who had it, only half, made any communication to the people included in it." For municipal officials, these data reflected "a waste of digital tools to promote what differentiates local commerce: proximity to its clientele."



To respond to this need, and under the name of "Bilbao Zurekin", this project aims to digitize the communications of stores and service businesses in Bilbao, through the management of a CRM platform (Customer relationship management), while enhancing the relationship with their customers through an email and SMS messaging service for the launch of offers and promotions.

The stores and restaurants in Bilbao that want to be part of this initiative should register through:



The project, which lasts one year and is free of charge, will begin with a personalized digital audit for each of the participating businesses, which will be carried out by expert digital marketing agents. This individualized study will identify areas for improvement in their digital channels (web, social networks...) to make better use of the service.

After this initial phase, the team of professionals will accompany the participants in the development and planning of the messages that will combine, among others, offers and promotions to increase sales, position each business and maintain the connection and closeness with customers... These agents will also design the work methodology, the unique and exclusive creation of messages for each business, the delivery strategy...

For their part, the businesses will actively participate in the entire project, so that, in addition to having the support of this service, it will be a learning opportunity that will allow them to be more competitive and receive a periodic report on the results.

For further information and queries, please contact and telephone 944 205 404.