Singular Employment Plans and training and qualification programmes in different neighbourhoods of Bilbao

The general objective of this project is to support the generation and maintenance of economic activity, taking into account the particular characteristics of each neighbourhood, and thus favour an increase in the employability of the resident population.

The aim is to contribute to the gradual improvement of conditions in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods and specifically to alleviate the situation of poverty or unemployment. These projects are developed by sharing a common work with social and training entities and different agents, and in collaboration with Lanbide-Basque Employment Service.

Bilbao Ekintza develops its work in the dynamisation, accompaniment and co-financing of the Singular Plans for skills training, personal development, empowerment and socio-occupational insertion in vulnerable groups. Not only co-creating training itineraries designed for the most vulnerable people and those at risk of exclusion, through an individual, personalised process and accompaniment, but also with another of a collective nature that generates Community, and which favours the development of networks and the use of synergies for their labour activation.