Bilbao Ekintza has a Mentoring programme aimed at companies and businesses in Bilbao, which have been in business for more than three years and are at a moment of change in their business model, change or reflection of their strategy, etc. A mentor can bring to your business new points of view, new approaches, references and their own experience.

When the time comes to make strategic decisions for your business or company, it is always good to have someone with a lot of experience by your side. That is what we make possible from Bilbao Ekintza with the Mentoring Program.

Mentoring consists of a process of personalized accompaniment aimed at evaluating the alternatives for action, making the best decisions and implementing them. It is channeled through individualized meetings, online and/or in person, with a fortnightly frequency and during a period of about eight months.

If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Business” area.