Bilbao Ekintza collaborates with the regional retail trade associations that are grouped together in Bilbao Dendak to support their promotional actions and invite non-associated retail trade to join them, understanding that adding up benefits everyone and allows them to go further and face common challenges.

Specifically, this support translates into:

  • Monitoring of the actions to be carried out during the year by the thirteen retail trade associations that make up Bilbao Dendak.
  • Technical support in the implementation of campaigns, in the presentation of applications and final report of activities
  • Final evaluation of the campaigns and identification of improvement actions
  • Constant work with Bilbao Dendak for the deployment of joint actions aimed at improving the commercial fabric of the city.
  • Justification of expenses and economic report.

If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Retail” area.