Respond, Rebuild, Reinvent

This project is part of the Global Action “Promoting Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) Ecosystems” launched by the OECD in 2020, funded by the European Union’s External Partnership Instrument, which will cover more than 30 countries (EU countries, Brazil, Canada, India, Korea, Mexico and the United States) over a three-year period.

The “RESPOND, REBUILD, REINVENT” (RRR) project aims to support local authorities in improving cross-sectoral collaboration with Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) ecosystems and in capitalising on the social solutions and innovations provided by SSE ecosystems and social enterprises.

Through this call, RRR has selected eight cities to learn, share and collaborate across countries and regions of the world. The selected cities are: Rotterdam, Turin, Dublin, San Francisco, Belo Horizonte, Warsaw, Montreal and Bilbao.

In the 8 months that this initiative lasts, we are following a process that consists of:

— Deepening understanding of SSE ecosystems.

— Define the challenges that can be addressed with a cross-sectoral and collaborative approach.

— Exploring social solutions and innovations.

— Experiment with how to adopt these solutions.

The eight selected cities rely on the collaboration and support of our consortium members, which include international city networks, SSE support organisations and renowned universities and research organisations.