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Bilbao Arena

  • How can you get into the Bilbao Arena?

    The entrances to the Bilbao Arena are determined by each activity or performance. They can be consulted on each event’s website and will usually appear on your ticket cards. Also, with the same procedure, the schedule for opening ceremonies may be consulted. It is best to get there in time to avoid piles.

    To find your seat, you have to check the door and the sector that will appear on the ticket card. Bilbao Arena is well marked and has different plans throughout the building. After entering, we recommend first looking the door indicated in the ticket. From there, the block will be on the right or the left and only the row and seat must be sought.

    If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Bilbao Arena” area.

  • Where can I buy tickets for shows and activities?

    Every event has its own sales path. We recommend buying only tickets on official channels. They can be consulted on the official website of each show.

    If the tickets go on sale, they can be purchased at the window even on the day of the show.

    If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Bilbao Arena” area.

  • What kind of security measures does the Bilbao Arena apply?

    Bilbao Arena makes security controls in all the events in order to guarantee the smooth running of all of them. The access with reflex or professional cameras, as well as selfie sticks is forbidden.

    The conditions for taking photographs, videos or any other multimedia content depend on each show and the conditions of the promoting company must be consulted.

    Likewise, access to baby strollers is forbidden. All accesses have spaces to leave strollers, the system works like a shopping cart. However, new spaces will be provided for children’s events to facilitate their transit.

    Regarding the age of access, as a general rule, those under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult. However, the organizations promoting the events establish the specific conditions, so we recommend to check them before the event.

    Also, as required by the regulations, the facilities have a medical service available for those who require it.

    If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Bilbao Arena” area.

  • Does Bilbao Arena have catering services?

    Yes, Bilbao Arena has fixed and mobile bars all over the space. In addition, in order to facilitate payments as much as possible, there is the option of paying by credit card.

    Alcohol consumption is permitted for those over the age of 18, except at sporting events.

    If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Bilbao Arena” area.

  • What advantages does Bilbao Arena offer?

    • Excellent location in the city centre.
    • Experience of the space in hosting small, medium and large-scale events.
    • Highly qualified staff to offer support
    • Satisfaction shown by our customers
    • Adaptability to any event to be organised
    • Top quality spaces and sound
    • Attractive quality atmosphere perceived by the audience
    • Capacity and adaptability to different seating arrangements.

    If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Bilbao Arena” area.

  • How can I get to Bilbao Arena?

    Bilbao Arena is located in Miribilla, a new and dynamic urban area of the city. We recommend using public transport to get to the facilities. There are railway and bus stations nearby, as well as tram (Ribera) and metro stations (Casco Viejo, Unamuno exit) in approximately 15 minutes.

    However, if a private vehicle is to be used, parking options include 250 square feet of underground parking and the public use of the Miribilla commercial centre, the Frontón Bizkaia and the Miribilla surface parking lot.

    If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Bilbao Arena” area.

  • I want to organize an event at Bilbao Arena. What do I have to do?

    If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Bilbao Arena” area. The corresponding department will take care of your request and contact you as soon as possible.


  • What type of aid does Bilbao Ekintza offer to small and medium-sized enterprises or self-employed workers?

    In Bilbao Ekintza we support SMEs and businesses in Bilbao to improve their competitiveness, launching new projects or business lines and improving their sales or business management in general. To this end, we provide companies with experts who attend to them individually, offering them, at no cost to the SME, hours of advice in which to work on aspects such as; financing, marketing and commercialization, window dressing, human resources, e-commerce, commercial and Internet positioning, computerization and digitalization of the business, etc.

    On the other hand, we also inform about aid and subsidy programs from different institutions and organizations, in a comprehensive way, including those aimed at facilitating or encouraging the hiring of people and incorporating talent into companies.

    If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Business” area.


  • What competence improvement actions does Bilbao Ekintza develop for young people or unemployed people?

    Bilbao Ekintza develops actions to improve skills within the framework of the Employment Plan and the Youth Employment Plan.

    Both programmes, with the support of Lanbide, the Basque Employment Service, focus on offering a job opportunity to unemployed people, while the competence development actions complement these objectives by offering practical tools to help them on their way back into the labour market.

    These actions allow participants in the programmes to define their professional objective, identify competences and strengths, as well as to prepare a CV in various formats, learn the keys to LinkedIn for an effective job search or face a job interview, among other skills.

    If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Employment & talent” area.

  • What is the role of Bilbao Ekintza as a labor intermediary?

    Bilbao cooperates with Lanbide in managing the employment offerings. When a company presents an offer, we manage it through the Lanbide datebase. In that case, we will file a petition between the bidder and the solicitor, a receipt, and finally send candidates who fit the requested profile to the firm.

    In addition, Bilbao Ekintza is certified as a private Employee Agency. That is to say, we devote our work offerings in an independent way. Through this new service, we manage our data through profiles of participants who have participated in the Employment Plan or projects promoted by the organization, with complete permission from them. By this way, companies can be given more meaningful and personalized information because we know people better.

    If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Employment & talent” area.


  • Which services do BIG Bilbao and Bilbao Ekintza offer to entrepreneurs?

    At BIG Bilbao, Bilbao Ekintza’s entrepreneurship center, we will support you throughout the process of creating and starting up your company. You will receive all the help you need so that your project becomes a reality and goes to market assuming the least possible risk.

    We offer you a personalized support service: Starting up a business is not easy and often lonely. That is why we help you to analyze your idea and give shape to your project during the time you need, in a personalized and close way, so that it becomes a reality as soon as possible. We accompany you in all stages of the implementation of your project.

    We prepare you to manage your business: Learning to undertake is the key. Not only will you learn how to manage your future business, but we will also provide you with continuous training so that you acquire the main skills and tools you will need to achieve business success.

    We inform you of resources to undertake: To save time and distractions, and that all your time is focused on the implementation of your business, we will inform you promptly of all resources available to you as an entrepreneur (grants and subsidies, spaces, workshops or competitions).

    We put you in touch with the BIG entrepreneurial community: Get to know other projects similar to yours, be inspired by the experiences of other people who have passed through BIG Bilbao and participate in all the events we organize that will be useful for your project.

    And also:

    Strategic Sectors for Bilbao: We are singularly committed to company programs and projects linked to Bilbao’s intelligent specialization strategy in the following strategic sectors:

    • Advanced Services
    • Digital Economy
    • Cultural and Creative Industries
    • Tourism

    We are Entrepreneur Service Point (ESP): It means that we are authorized to digitally manage the incorporation of a new company.

    Spaces to undertake: We have a network of centers, called “Auzo Factorys”, which offer the possibility of accessing a space to start your business in very advantageous conditions.

    If you want more information, you can contact us by following this link, selecting “Entrepreneurship-Big Bilbao” area.


  • I want to organize an event in Bilbao. Which services does Bilbao Ekintza offer me?

    In Bilbao Ekintza we organize and support the realization of events of interest due to their economic and social impact, derived from the attraction of visitors, the dynamization of tourism and the commercial activity of the city.

    Bilbao and Bizkaia have first class infrastructures together with a network of highly qualified companies and organizations that promote or collaborate in the conceptualization or development of large international events as well as smaller events with a unique character.

    In Bilbao Ekintza we will review your proposal and provide you with information and advice on any aspect related to the design and organization of your event. We will also put you in contact with companies in the sector, and with the different areas of the Bilbao City Council to carry out and process permits.

    You can send us your proposal by following this link, selecting “Event” area. Once we have received and analyzed your application, we will contact you.

  • Where can I come to request a help or sponsorship to organize an event in Bilbao?

    Bilbao Ekintza, supports events, through grants or sponsorships, with tourist impact and attraction of visitors and companies, that contribute to the dynamization and generation of economic activity in Bilbao.

    You can send us your proposal using the general contact form on this website by selecting from the “Event Support” drop-down. Once your request has been received and analyzed, we will contact you.



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