Urban development

Bilbao Ekintza coordinates the economic development strategy of the city in the area of smart specialisation with the RIS3 of Euskadi, promoting strategic projects in this area including that of the Isle of Zorrotzaurre.

Bilbao Ekintza, at the Urban Development Area, coordinates the Bilbao Next Lab project and the project for the Urban Innovation District of Zorrotzaurre.

Bilbao Next Lab

Bilbao Ekintza seeks to become a facilitating agent of economic development in the city in the smart specialisation area. In this framework, Bilbao Next Lab is the research and action laboratory which promotes growth and development projects in different areas based on the collaboration of stakeholders.

The objectives and areas of work include:

  • In collaboration with other public and private stakeholders –Bilbao Local Group-, to facilitate and promote the economic transformation of Bilbao towards a sustainable urban development. Bilbao City Council, through the municipal society Bilbao Ekintza, and Orkestra-the Basque Institute of Competitiveness work together to achieve this objective.
  • To attract, develop and retain talent in the areas of priority in the smart specialisation strategy from the urban area and linked to the RIS3 Euskadi.
  • To bring together the research-action areas in the area of urban competitiveness. In this respect, it aims to establish Bilbao Next Lab as a pioneer process in promoting the relation between universities and city policy makers to promote smart specialisation in the city, and to contribute to the development of a research-action community in the area of urban competitiveness.
  • To encourage learning among European projects and cities for the international positioning, mainly aimed at contributing to the development of the future Urban Innovation District of Zorrotzaurre (DUIZ).

Urban Innovation District of Zorrotzaurre (DUIZ)

Bilbao Ekintza, through the Urban Development Area, works to ensure that the regeneration project for the Isle of Zorrotzaurre transforms it into an innovative space of international reference for services of high added value.

As a result, we work to design an ecosystem specialised in high added value activities, formed by businesses with a different profile, education and research agents in an environment with a diversity of uses and spaces: The aim is to convert the Isle of Zorrotzaurre into a new economic driving force for Bilbao, serving to strengthen its business structure, and make it an international reference.

Invest in Bilbao

Lastly, the Urban Development area, and as part of the global objective to create spaces for opportunity and economic activity, leads Invest in Bilbao. This is the local office for attracting investment, responsible for supporting and providing personalised services for businesses and investors wishing to set up or expand their projects in Bilbao and the metropolitan area.