Bilbao Innovative Retailers (CiB)

The CiB is a community and meeting point for retailers, consumers, service providers, associations and professionals who innovate in the Bilbao retail trade. It seeks to share ideas and projects, encouraging collaboration and synergies in the different sectors.

Bilbao Innovative Retailers (CiB) is an initiative which aims to encourage innovation in the retail trade.

To do so, it offers Bilbao retailers a suitable environment for collaboration, spaces for the generation of ideas, knowledge of the most relevant innovations linked to the sector to facilitate this transfer and make the sector more modern and competitive.

Specific goals include:
  • Creation of a space for collaboration among retailers, consumers, service providers, associations and professionals, which enhances the transfer of innovation to the sector.
  • Sharing ideas and relevant information about innovations and major milestones in the retail sector, which serve as catalysts for innovative initiatives.
  • Testing new technologies and innovations which may then be extended to the whole of the city’s retail network and to any stakeholder wishing to be at the fore in their implementation.
  • Increasing the attraction of the retail trade, seeking to place Bilbao as a reference in this field.