Innolab Bilbao

Innolab Bilbao is a space for open innovation where talent and technology come together to seek new solutions for business challenges.

Innolab Bilbao is a private nonprofit association, created at the promoting of Bilbao City Council, through the municipal society Bilbao Ekintza. Founding partners include BBK, IBM, the Mondragón Corporation, Iberdrola, the University of Deusto and Euskaltel.

An open innovation platform in which public and private collaboration among all the stakeholders from the region (large corporations, startups, universities, technology centres, clusters and businesses) is the main line of work.

The main areas of activity of Innolab Bilbao include:
  • Knowledge dissemination
  • Open innovation
  • Acceleration of startups

The areas of knowledge or specialisation focus on the new technologies linked to Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, IoT, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Industry 4.0, Blockchain, Robotics, etc.