Retail advice

At Bilbao Ekintza we collaborate with Bilbao Dendak and Bilbao Retail Associations with help and advice programmes. Contact us!

Bilbao Ekintza seeks to encourage the alignment of  Retails' Associations and Bilbao Dendak with the strategy of the city and its neighbourhoods and to involve them in the same. In this way, the improvement and professionalisation of Bilbao's associative fabric is promoted. To this end, we have an Agreement with Bilbao Dendak and the different Traders' Associations:

  • Aid Programme for Retails' Associations
  • Aid for the rental of premises for associations
  • Advice to Retail Associations
  • Aid for projects between Associations: Bilbao Historiko

Bilbao Dendak

Associationism in the area of commerce is seen as one of the most appropriate formulas for reaching the entire commercial network and maintaining fluid relations with specific interlocutors who group together and provide an outlet for the sector's most pressing needs.

Bilbao Dendak and the rest of the local associations, which in the end are the ones that make up Bilbao Dendak, have a budget allocation that allows them to carry out different actions in the sector.

Management training is immediately necessary for the associations' management staff in the areas of finance, management and presentation of grants and reports to institutions, strategic planning and team management, among others.

The professionalisation of Bilbao's Retails' associations has been ongoing, with the aim of making the associations representatives of the commercial sector in each of the areas of the municipality, contributing to the dynamisation and revitalisation of these areas.

We actually believe that an united retail can achieve better results. Working together in a synergistic way provides a better understanding of the situation in the sector and helps to identify areas in need of targeted support.

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