Zientzia Azoka

Zientzia Azoka (Science Fair) is an initiative which enables young people, aged between 12 and 18 years old, to develop scientific and/or technological projects during the school year and to then present them to the general public.

At the fair, young people present the projects they have been working on throughout the year, at stands set up under the arches of the Plaza Nueva in Bilbao. In addition, companies and businesses hold workshops for the participants at stands set up in the centre of the square.

Throughout the school year, teams of young people work on a subject of their choice with the support and advice of professional researchers. The result of the work is the scientific or technological project that is on show at the Zientzia Azoka.

The final objective of the fair is to promote the scientific culture in society, and to awaken an interest in science and technology among young people.