Urgent measures to support Retail, Culture & Hospitality

Bilbao City Council, through Bilbao Ekintza, is leading the Bono Bilbao campaign to support the sectors most affected by the crisis caused by Covid-19, within the framework of the Bilbao Aurrera Plan.

In November 2020, Bilbao City Council, through its municipal company Bilbao Ekintza, launched the #BONOBILBAO campaign to help the four sectors most affected by COVID-19 in the city: Commerce, culture, hospìtality and tourism.

This is one of the most important measures of the Bilbao Aurrera Plan and has been launched with the aim of mobilising the economy quickly and over a long period of time, so that it reaches these professional groups directly, but "involving the citizens themselves in buying and consuming, by means of the purchase of these subsidised vouchers in local establishments. This is a special programme, tailor-made for the current situation, which aims to be attractive, useful and practical for both establishments and shoppers".

The campaign was launched in several phases:

  • Commerce Vouchers (48,727 vouchers) and Culture (34,261 vouchers). The vouchers were sold out a few days after their launch and the period for citizens to redeem them at participating establishments is scheduled to end on 30 April.
  • Hospitality Vouchers (91,364 vouchers). The launch of the hospitality vouchers was a great success, with almost all of them being purchased within hours of their publication. They will be valid until 31 July.
  • Tourism Vouchers (10,507 vouchers). To be launched at a later date.

This special programme is endowed with almost €3 million, and is expected to generate a total of €9 million of economic impact in the city.

In order to coordinate the adhesion and sale of Bilbao vouchers, the following platform was set up: www.bonobilbao.eus